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APMI Group is experienced in the removal, labeling, de-installation and re-installation of cubicles for the overwhelming task of re-carpeting.

Our combination of professionalism, value, and first-rate customer service have allowed us to grow. From one location to offices in multiple states in less than a decade.

Our employees are trained to be efficient, precise, and safe at all times. We only hire people with positive attitudes who are friendly and courteous. Because we want your delivery, assembly, and installation experience to be as pleasant and easy as possible. After your free consultation, our experts will determine the best and most cost-effective way to meet your delivery, assembly, and installation needs on your budget and timeline. We work weekends and evenings to suit your needs. And perform complete installations of office furniture, along with on-site maintenance and reconfigurations.

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Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality cubical and other office furniture services. Such as delivery, assembly, installation, reconfiguration, and relocation services at affordable prices. There’s absolutely no charge for this consultation and there’s nothing to lose. We’re absolutely convinced that any assembly is the best choice you can make for your office installation, so give us a call today!

We install everything you need to make your office space work-ready. This includes (but is not limited to): private offices, conference rooms, auditorium seating, floor-to-ceiling walls, modular partitions, wallboards, task lighting, reception stations, freestanding or component shelving, systems furniture, and much more.

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