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Whether your organization is expanding and needs to relocate, updating its conference room and needs help with its state-of-the-art equipment, or requires mailroom facilities management services, Apmi Group’s Labor and Support team will ensure your future plans are realized.


We offer comprehensive support, including shipping/receiving, furniture repair, systems furniture reconfiguration, moving, warehouse and inventory services, conference room setup, and mailroom management oversight. Apmi Group is fully insured and provides all required equipment, materials, and vehicles.

At the client’s site, Apmi Group’s personnel engage in weekly production meetings, provide monthly employee data, and conduct quarterly reviews with upper management. As a result of management’s daily involvement, Apmi Group is better positioned to respond faster to requests and develop solutions designed to increase efficiencies on-site.


Benefits Summary

  • All equipment, materials, and vehicles supplied.

  • Comprehensive labor support provided which includes:

    • Shipping/receiving

    • Furniture repair

    • Systems furniture reconfiguration

    • Warehouse and inventory services

    • Moving

    • Conference room setup

    • Mailroom management oversight

Facilities and Labor Support Services

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